Metabolic health,
meet AI

We’ve combined metabolic science with millions of data points to bring you groundbreaking predictive AI, enabling you to see how any ingredient will impact your body without needing a CGM sensor.

This heightened visibility into your food and the impact it has on your body enables you to make the best choices for your health.


Real-time insights to build better habits


Take a picture or scan a barcode

Our AI-based photo scanning feature allows you to get granular insights on your food, instantly.

Simply take a picture of your meal or scan a barcode when you’re shopping, and our database of over 32 million food items ensures accurate identification of each ingredient.


Understand your food

Our predictive AI is based on millions of metabolic health data points and allows you to see the predictive glucose impact of your food on your body.

More than just calories per item, January displays the macros for each ingredient, so you clearly see the carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and fat content in your meals.


Make healthy choices

We also display healthy alternatives, so you can compare different foods and immediately identify the healthier option.

You can compare different ingredients in a homemade meal, look up restaurants to compare menu items, and even get science-backed recommendations for preventing glucose spikes.


Track and build habits

Log your food to see the impact of your choices over time. 

Whether you're on a weight loss journey, optimizing meals for fitness, or simply dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, food logging helps you sustain healthy habits and track your progress.


How does our AI work?

Learn more information about our AI learning process and machine learning model.

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Want more detailed and personalized glucose insights?

For granular data and information about your glucose levels, try a CGM with January Pro.