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What is the January app?

January is an app that allows you to see the impact a food will have on your body before eating it. We’ve combined metabolic science with millions of data points to bring you groundbreaking predictive AI, enabling you to see how any ingredient will impact your blood sugar—without needing a CGM sensor.

This heightened visibility into your food, and the impact it has on your body, enables you to make the best choices for your health.

How do I download the January app?

Simply search for “January” in the App Store and install the “January | Glucose & Nutrition” app.

What are the best features of the January app?

With the January app, you’ll receive healthy alternatives for any food you scan or look up — so you can see recommendations to improve your choices. You’ll also be able to dig into why an ingredient isn’t great for your energy or overall health. Additionally, you can remove ingredients or edit the quantities to see how you can optimize your meal either before you eat it or for the next time you have it in the future. Finally, you can log each meal to track your healthy habits over time.

Am I still able to order a CGM through January?

Yes, you can get a CGM via our website at january.ai/pro. With January Pro, you’ll use a CGM for 14 days before letting our AI take over.

How do I use the January app?
  1. Download the app from the App Store and complete the sign-in process
  2. Take a picture, scan a barcode, or look up any food or meal
  3. Click “See impact” 
  4. Check out the glucose impact and nutritional information, and then compare healthy food alternatives
  5. Try “hacking” your food by swapping out ingredients to see how you could make your meal healthier

What's the difference between January and January Pro?

While the January app is free to use, January Pro starts from $288. With January Pro, you’ll wear a CGM for 14 days to train the AI, and then you’ll have access to a wealth of insights and information related to your unique body. 

With the free January app, we have developed revolutionary AI technology to bypass the need to wear a CGM, saving you money and convenience. We are the only company on the market with this technology. We recommend downloading the January app first, and if you still want to try a CGM sensor, then January Pro will be a great option.

Is the January app free?

Yes, the January app is free to download and free to use!

Who is the January app for?

Whether you’re trying to manage a specific health condition or just want to optimize your health, January can help anyone who wants to discover the intricacies of their body to support a healthier lifestyle. With January, you’ll learn what foods to eat and what to avoid, and better understand how your unique body will respond. 

What is included in a January Pro plan?

When you sign up for a January Pro plan, you’ll go through a quick telehealth evaluation so a licensed physician can determine if you are eligible for a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) prescription (most people are). If approved, you’ll receive a January Kit that includes one CGM, which you’ll use during the first 2 weeks, and access to the January Pro app. An activity tracker is recommended, but not required, to get the most from your experience. January is compatible with most popular activity trackers, including all Apple Watch models, Oura Ring Gen 2 and Gen 3, and all Fitbit trackers (except Ace 3).

How does January estimate my glucose without a CGM?

January's predictive AI is built on millions of data points from thousands of users to estimate the glucose impact of nearly any food item…meaning even if you never wear a CGM to train January's AI, we can still provide an accurate prediction of your glucose curve. We use the information you provided to generate glucose responses that are personalized to your unique physiology. Learn more here.

How do I contact January?

You can contact us at support@january.ai or by calling us at (650) 275-4378. Someone from our team will be available to answer the phone 9 am - 5 pm PST, Monday through Friday. We will respond to all emails within 24 hours. We value any thoughts, concerns, or feedback you have!

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