At January—our values are in our name

The Ancient Romans imagined Janus—the guardian of time—as a two-faced god, one facing backward and one facing forward. In his honor, the month of January became a time of symbolic renewal, a time to accept the past and plan for the future. Today, we know these ancient January aspirations as New Year’s resolutions.

At January, we believe that every day is a fresh start, that small steps lead to big changes, and that getting healthy is a team sport. We’re creating a community of everyday people building their own healthy habits, together.

Our Team

At January, we believe that every day is a fresh start, that getting healthy is a team sport, and that small steps add up to big change. By combining artificial intelligence with rigorous science, we aim to provide deeply personalized health insights and recommendations to unlock the best you.

Chair of Genetics and Director of Genomics and Personalized Medicine, Stanford School of Medicine. Pioneer in the comprehensive digitization of human biofluids
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Michael Snyder, PhD
Entrepreneur, Investor, and Philanthropist committed to bringing about a paradigm shift in how people think about their health
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Noosheen Hashemi
Founder & CEO
Leading all machine learning efforts, including predicting an individual’s biological response to food, knowing an individual’s dietary and activity preferences, and enabling delightful application interactions
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Mark Woodward, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Leading research and development of precision nutraceuticals that are designed with pharmaceutical-level rigor, and aimed at harnessing the power of microbiome to mitigate chronic metabolic conditions and improve overall human health
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Shital Tripathi
Chief Scientific Officer
Leading research and development strategies to accelerate the development of safe and effective treatments for chronic conditions
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CJ Bridges
VP of Engineering
Leading people and company processes putting wellness, equity, and people first to make healthier lives for all.
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Radha Blackman
VP of People and Operations
Leading efforts to increase distribution and utility of January products while seeking out strategic partnership opportunities with companies operating within the digital health landscape
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Dontae Rayford
VP of Business Development
Former Oracle Exec, Yahoo! CTO, 100+ Angel Investments
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Farzad Nazem
Strategic Advisor
Head of Growth & Analytics, Landing
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Shuo Jiao, PhD
Growth Advisor

Careers at January

We are looking for intelligent and passionate people with an insatiable curiosity to join our mission of delivering better health every day.

January is an equal opportunity employer. We are a diverse team and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.


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We’re thrilled you’re interested! We'll send you a link to our new app when it's ready to download.

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