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How do I download the app?

Begin your January experience by downloading the January - Glucose Tracker App & the FreeStyle LibreLink App from the iOS App Store.

How can I provide feedback?

Simply shake your phone to get a popup in the app that lets you report a bug, suggest an improvement, or ask a question. You can initiate the same popup by taking a screenshot. We look forward to your feedback!

If you’d like to leave feedback another way, please contact us at support@january.ai. We will respond to all emails within 24 hours.

What comes in my January kit?

Now that you have your box, you’ve got everything you need to apply your Continuous Glucose Monitor. The box has the CGM sensor, sensor covers, and an application device.

What can I expect in my first month?

Your GCM will last for 14 days! During your first two weeks, you’ll also be in the process of “training” January’s AI to help us understand your unique physiology. While in AI training, you’ll need to wear your CGM & log food for five days. An activity tracker is recommended, but not required. The sooner you finish AI training, the sooner you’ll unlock all of January’s powerful AI tools. This training period is essential for a truly personalized experience! 

For the following two weeks after training, you’ll continue working to hit specific daily targets around the way you eat, move, and recharge — the basis of your journey toward complete metabolic health. After you’ve trained the AI, you will start to see insights and recommendations based on your daily patterns and glucose trends. 

How does January’s AI work?

For your first 14 days, January’s AI system will get to know your body’s physiological response to different foods and activities. After that, we’ll be able to estimate and predict your glucose without a CGM. If you do not complete training, you will have to finish the process with a new CGM. We’ll help keep you on track with regular notifications.

How can I refer someone to January?

We’re so glad you’re excited to share January with a friend! Feel free to send them to our homepage, and let them know they can use the JANUARY20 code for 20% off. So spread the word! We’d love to have anyone and everyone join us in the pursuit of optimal metabolic health.

What if my CGM falls off?

The adhesive on your CGM is quite strong, and covering your CGM with our waterproof patch makes it less likely to fall off. However, in the unlikely event your CGM does fall off, we’ve got your back! Please reach out to us immediately at support@january.ai, and share some details about what happened. We’ll work to ship you a replacement ASAP.

How do I contact January?

You can contact us at support@january.ai. We will respond to all emails within 24 hours. 

If you want to report a bug, suggest an improvement, or ask a question, simply shake your phone to initiate a popup in the app. You can get the same popup by taking a screenshot. 

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