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January helps you manage your weight with real-time insights to control your blood sugar.

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The science of glucose monitoring and weight loss

High blood sugar boosts insulin production, which curbs your ability to burn fat. That’s why managing your glucose helps you lose weight sustainably—in a way that calorie counting and diet cycling never could.

Wear a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) once, and January’s AI will continue to provide glucose estimates even after you remove it.


See the glucose impact before you eat

See how different foods would impact your blood sugar before you eat them


Compare the glucose impact of different foods

Compare different foods and see how your blood glucose will respond so you can make smarter eating choices.


Align your lifestyle with your weight-loss goals

Get a customized set of daily targets to eat, move, and sleep in precisely the way you need to control your weight.


Create your digital twin, train the AI...and yourself

Week 1

Get the hardware

Use any compatible activity tracker. We’ll help you order a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that ships to your door.
Week 2

Train the AI

After one week, January’s AI has enough data to establish a baseline of your health and model your physiology.

Receive insights

Start getting glucose predictions and real-time insights to align key behaviors around your metabolic health.

CGM optional

After 14 days, January’s AI no longer requires a CGM to display your glucose curve, insights, and predictions.
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“I have been looking for something to help me to stave off diabetes... This program is what I was looking for, several months before I found it.”

Marylou R


January Member since

“I learned how to structure my eating to help my body respond better, especially increasing fiber significantly and intermittent fasting. Having the real-time data to see what did and didn’t work was fantastic.”

Dan B


January Member since

“Not only did I discover how the foods I was eating affected my blood sugar, but I also came to see that I was most likely pre-diabetic. Ultimately, I lost about 50 lbs and have dramatically changed my mood and energy levels.”

Luke B


January Member since

“I am living so much better. My sleep and life continues to improve and know I have control over my blood sugar management. I owe this to my January AI program and would recommend it.”

Angel R


January Member since

“Truly helps you see inside your body and understand how specific foods and exercise impact your body.”

Amaura23 (Apple Reviewer)


January Member since

“I have learned so much about what I can and can not eat and how my body reacts to the Gl and GL of certain foods. I am already down 6 lbs.”

Dawn H


January Member since

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We’re thrilled you’re interested! We'll send you a link to our new app when it's ready to download.

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