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January AI discerns integrated physiological and lifestyle biomarkers, leading to clinical trial pipelines with a lower N and faster time to market. Through our interventional programs and AI as a companion app, we learn how metabolic-disease drugs are affected and confounded by individual physiologies and lifestyles.

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Synthesis of food, CGM, and heart rate data for clinical trial analytics

Active trial-management through lifestyle and physiology dashboards

Novel power analysis


Trials commonly use genomic biomarkers, but miss lifestyle and physiology

Genotype, gene expression, and protein expression have demonstrated the ability to predict drug response. Biomarkers are useful as covariates in clinical trials to reduce unexplained variability, and to define eligibility criteria, thereby increasing power or reducing sample size. January AI’s lifestyle metrics, and derived clusters of subjects with similar lifestyles, may be used in the same way as these biomarkers.

Lifestyle teeming with biomarkers

The January AI clusters or metrics can provide associative, prognostic, or predictive power in trials, controlling for imbalance. The absence of this control can lead to misinterpretation of trials results, with substantial economic impact.


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