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Day 1–5

Create your digital twin

Wear a CGM, activity tracker, and log your food for 5 days to train our AI.

Day 5–14

Get a breakdown of your metabolic health

Get a 5-day recap of your glucose levels, spiking foods, and overall metabolic health.

Beyond Day 14

Unlock revolutionary AI glucose technology

With your digital twin, you’ll have access to ongoing glucose estimates, predictions, and powerful insights—no CGM required.

The setup

January welcome kit

Sign up to get a FreeStyle Libre CGM and protective patches shipped right to your door.

Our newest iOS app

Includes our revolutionary AI-powered features, personalized daily targets, and the world’s largest glycemic food database.

Activity tracking

Connect your Apple Watch, Fitbit, or Oura Ring to automatically track your exercise and sleep.

January users

221 Reviews

Excellent Product!

I'm living so much better! My sleep and life continue to improve and I know I have control over my blood sugar management. I owe this to my January AI program and would highly recommend it.
Angel R

Cheers to the future of metabolic health!

Truly helps you see inside your body and understand how specific foods and exercise impact your body!
Amaura23 (Apple Reviewer)

Learned so much!

I've learned so much about what I can and cannot eat and how my body reacts to the GI and GL of certain foods. I'm down 6 lbs already!
Dawn H

Down 50 lbs!!

Not only did I discover how the foods I was eating affected my blood sugar, but I also came to see that I was likely prediabetic. Ultimately, I have lost about 50 lbs and have dramatically changed my mood and energy levels thanks to January's program.
Luke B

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Use code "HALLOWEEN20" for 20% off today!

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