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We work with partners in two ways:

Adopt our program to help people on the diabetes spectrum take control of their health.

Integrate our data and algorithms to supercharge your current offering.

Uncontrolled blood sugar is the public health challenge of our time and the impact is immense.

By County

The Staggering Costs of Diabetes — American Diabetes Association


Annual cost of diagnosed diabetes in America


34 million Americans have diabetes and 88 million are prediabetic

1 in 7

Healthcare dollars are spent treating diabetes and its complications


Greater healthcare cost for Americans with diabetes


Food as medicine

AI-driven Insights

Hyper-personalized care

Leverage our solution to unlock the power of self-care

January’s clinically studied Season of Me program takes your members on an engaging journey of self-discovery and positive behavior change. We help answer the age old question “What should I eat?” by providing food and lifestyle recommendations personalized to each individual’s physiology.

Integrate our proprietary data and algorithms

Get access to January’s atlas of more than 16 million foods, complete with glycemic index, glycemic load, and glucose response data. Deploy our machine learning algorithms to predict personalized glucose response, recommend food alternatives, and provide precise exercise prescriptions to counteract blood sugar spikes. All via API.

For Coaches & Care Managers

We quantify your patients’ lifestyle choices and glucose management, delivering insights to help you provide more effective support.

Reduce the need for forensic patient-coach conversation

Set goals anchored in individuals’ real-time data

Provide radically personalized feedback to inform, inspire, and improve

For Employers & Payers

January is the essential companion app for employers and payers who offer CGM to their population.

Show members how food and activity affect their blood sugar levels

Use simple steps and “nudges” to drive lasting behavior change over time

Surface insights at the individual and population level to guide care

Uncontrolled blood sugar is the public health challenge of our time and the impact is immense.

Potential Per Member Per Year Savings: $850 to $1400

Decreased Complications

With improved diabetes management, in line with January’s clinical outcomes, cost savings from reduced complications have been shown to be around 10%

ER Visit and Hospitalization Avoidance

Conservative assumptions on visit and admission deflection show the potential to save 1-5% per person on expected hospitalization

Outpatient Care

Potential to reduce costs by 10% per person per year with interventions like January

Decreased Cost of DM Supplies

Potential to reduce by 5-10% per person per year with interventions like January

Worker Productivity

Diabetes drives absenteeism of 1-2 days per year and reduced productivity of 4-5 days per year, both of which can be reduced through improved diabetes management

Drive meaningful clinical change in your population

Time-in-range (TIR) is a measure of glucose control that is replacing HbA1c as the industry standard.

Over 70% of participants improved their TIR in just 10 days during January’s Sugar Challenge Study presented at the 2020 ADA.

Absolute Improvement in TIR

N = 1022


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